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Instructions For Charities

These trips do not include airfare and, therefore, are less expensive. This allows your bidders to use their airline miles or shop for an airfare deal (we live in a hub) or fly business or first class. Using trips that offer air, brings blackout dates into play… which bidders hate. Opening bid on our trips afford the charity either $500 or $1,000 initially and 100% of additional bids. We will provide marketing posters at no cost to you. Use our trips in your live auction or set up a getaway table!! We are local and actually meet with the winning bidders to act as their concierge. You can just reserve trips and request poster, or if you would like, we can set up and man your getaway table.

Step 1: Choose the trips to include in your non-profit's auction

Select the trips that will appeal to your supporters. We offer trips within Texas, the continental United States, Alaska and Canada, and Europe. Trips accommodate 2-6 people! Some provide experiences such as fishing, wine tasting, food tours and more. Others provide behind the scenes tours and historical sites. You know your audience.... pick the tours that will appeal to them!

Step 2: Determine which trips will be offered in your silent and which trips will be offered in your live auction

Live auctions offer the opportunity for higher bids on the trips due to the excitement of competitive bidding. On the other hand, if trips are offered in the silent auction, you have the opportunity to auction multiple trips to each destination. Travel For Goooooood can also help you build an online silent auction site which will allow you to extend the time your silent auction items are available for bidding and provide electronic bidding. 

Step 3: Determine your opening bid price for each trip

The Travel Package Price List shows the price your non-profit will pay for each trip sold (REMEMBER, your non-profit only pays for the trips that are SOLD!). The table also shows our recommended opening bid. Based on our experience, this is the most successful price to open with for each trip. We recommend that you do not go lower on your opening price, but based on your knowledge of your supporters, you may decide to increase the opening bid price. Your non-profit keeps the difference between the final bid and the charity price for each trip sold.

Step 4: Publicize your auction trips to your supporters

Print out electronic posters and order display posters for your auction preview table. Ask us for electronic images you can use on your non-profit's website and Facebook page. If you're using an online auction site, we'll help you get that set up and publicized. Get the word out so that your supporters can determine which trips they want to bid on.

Step 5: Hold your auction

Determine your strategy for your silent auction items - at what point will you close bidding on a trip and offer a second trip for bidding? Print out the packets that we send you electronically so that you can hand them out at checkout. The packets will explain the process for reserving the trips. Send us an email after the auction and our Concierge will contact the buyers and introduce themselves and their services. Our concierge will counsel and work with them - we can advise on airfare purchase and send information about sites and activities at their destinations. 

Call us or email us at any time during your auction planning!

We can help with each of these steps.

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