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Please click on the drop-down menus above to explore all of our trip packages.

Our getaways are truly priceless!

No blackout days, customized to each destination, and valid for two years

Consignment travel packages for Non-Profit Fundraising offers no-risk fundraising! Your Non-Profit pays nothing unless a trip sells during your fundraiser.


We offer group, couple, and family travel experiences in all price ranges!


Our getaways include not only the fun of area attractions, but also exposure to local culture, food, and history,

making our trips truly priceless experiences of a lifetime.


For more information on each trip or to print a poster, select the "Trips" drop down and click on the destination

you wish to print. 

To see how easy it is to select and offer our trips for Non-Profit fundraising, go to the "Instructions for Charities" tab.

Hot Destinations

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